AFDoor® (掩門系列) – 一款專為客戶而設的專業防火隔熱門。我們提供木或鐵結構,適合不同場地使用。

AFDoor® (Fire Swing Door Series) – Professional door products focus on providing a high-end fire resistance and fully insulated doorset to our valuable customers. We provide timber or steel core structure that suits different locations.

防火測試標準 Fire Testing Standard: BS EN 1634-1:2008

煙控測試標準 Smoke Control Testing Standard: BS EN 1634-3:2004

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過往部分工程 Prior Project

60分鐘防火隔熱木雙掩門 @ 拔萃男書院

– 60分鐘防火隔熱木雙掩門 連頂板

Diocesan Boys’ School
– 60 mins Fire-rated Double-leaf Door