AFDoor® (趟門系列) – 一款專為客戶而設的專業防火隔熱門。AFDoor®-60SD (RR-F60SD/RR-FS60SD) 節省空間,門頁藏於防火隔熱的門套內。*免卻建築師考慮防火與非防火面的擔心*

AFDoor® (Fire Sliding Door Series) – Professional door products focus on providing a high-end fire resistance and fully insulated doorset to our valuable customers. AFDoor®-60SD (RR-F60SD/RR-FS60SD) saves place for your valuable home, door leaf (both single/double leaves available) slides into the fire resistance and fully insulated pocket. *No worries for architects to consider fire or non-fire side*

防火測試標準 Fire Testing Standard: BS EN 1634-1:2008

煙控測試標準 Smoke Control Testing Standard: BS EN 1634-3:2004

Door Closer

*Mechanism Sliding Door Closer*

– Included

Electro-mechanical Sliding Door Operator

*Use of Electro-mechanical Sliding Door Operator*

– Can


*Variety finishing*

– E.g: Veneer, laminate plastic sheet, Stainless Steel, G.M.S & Aluminum

Door Leaf & Vision Panel

*Size of door leaf & vision panel*

– Large

Imported Drop (Smoke) Seal

*Imported Drop (Smoke) Seal*

– CCE (Italy) automatic bottom drop seal is our standard door bottom seal, which is durable, high quality and easily for replace (Simply open the door leaf and take out the inner profile then insert new one

Catalog 目錄

Product Code Product Description Fire Rating Smoke Seal Datasheet
Pocket Partition Material: Fire-Rated Board
Door leaf Core: Timber
Mostly used for entrance door, accessible toilet & kitchen
FRR(-/60/60) 可以

過往部分工程 Prior Project

60分鐘防火煙控趟門 @ 青衣城

– 60分鐘防火煙控趟門

Maritime Square
– 60 mins Fire-rated & Smoke Control Sliding Door